pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies module

Module defining pyHanko’s standard difference policy implementation.

class pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies.StandardDiffPolicy(global_rules: List[pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.rules_api.QualifiedWhitelistRule], form_rule: Optional[pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.form_rules_api.FormUpdatingRule], reject_object_freeing=True, ignore_orphaned_objects=True)

Bases: pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policy_api.DiffPolicy

Run a list of rules to analyse the differences between two revisions.

  • global_rules – The QualifiedWhitelistRule objects encoding the rules to apply.

  • form_rule – The FormUpdatingRule that adjudicates changes to form fields and their values.

  • reject_object_freeing

    Always fail revisions that free objects that existed prior to signing.


    PyHanko resolves freed references to the null object in PDF, and a freeing instruction in a cross-reference section is always registered as a change that needs to be approved, regardless of the value of this setting.

    It is theoretically possible for a rule to permit deleting content, in which case allowing objects to be freed might be reasonable. That said, pyHanko takes the conservative default position to reject all object freeing instructions as suspect.

  • ignore_orphaned_objects – Some PDF writers create objects that aren’t used anywhere (tsk tsk). Since those don’t affect the “actual” document content, they can usually be ignored. If True, newly created orphaned objects will be cleared at level ModificationLevel.LTA_UPDATES. Default is True.

apply(old: pyhanko.pdf_utils.reader.HistoricalResolver, new: pyhanko.pdf_utils.reader.HistoricalResolver, field_mdp_spec: Optional[pyhanko.sign.fields.FieldMDPSpec] = None, doc_mdp: Optional[pyhanko.sign.fields.MDPPerm] = None) pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policy_api.DiffResult

Execute the policy on a pair of revisions, with the MDP values provided. SuspiciousModification exceptions should be propagated.

  • old – The older, base revision.

  • new – The newer revision.

  • field_mdp_spec – The field MDP spec that’s currently active.

  • doc_mdp – The DocMDP spec that’s currently active.


A DiffResult object summarising the policy’s judgment.

review_file(reader: pyhanko.pdf_utils.reader.PdfFileReader, base_revision: Union[int, pyhanko.pdf_utils.reader.HistoricalResolver], field_mdp_spec: Optional[pyhanko.sign.fields.FieldMDPSpec] = None, doc_mdp: Optional[pyhanko.sign.fields.MDPPerm] = None) Union[pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policy_api.DiffResult, pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policy_api.SuspiciousModification]

Implementation of DiffPolicy.review_file() that reviews each intermediate revision between the base revision and the current one individually.

pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies.DEFAULT_DIFF_POLICY = <pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies.StandardDiffPolicy object>

Default DiffPolicy implementation.

This policy includes the following rules, all with the default settings. The unqualified rules in the list all have their updates qualified at level LTA_UPDATES.

pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies.NO_CHANGES_DIFF_POLICY = <pyhanko.sign.diff_analysis.policies.StandardDiffPolicy object>

DiffPolicy implementation that does not provide any rules, and will therefore simply reject all changes.