pyhanko.pdf_utils.text module

Utilities related to text rendering & layout.

class pyhanko.pdf_utils.text.TextStyle(font: pyhanko.pdf_utils.font.api.FontEngineFactory = <factory>, font_size: int = 10, leading: Optional[int] = None)

Bases: pyhanko.pdf_utils.config_utils.ConfigurableMixin

Container for basic test styling settings.

font: pyhanko.pdf_utils.font.api.FontEngineFactory

The FontEngineFactory to be used for this text style. Defaults to Courier (as a non-embedded standard font).

font_size: int = 10

Font size to be used.

leading: int = None

Text leading. If None, the font_size parameter is used instead.

classmethod process_entries(config_dict)
class pyhanko.pdf_utils.text.TextBoxStyle(font: pyhanko.pdf_utils.font.api.FontEngineFactory = <factory>, font_size: int = 10, leading: Optional[int] = None, border_width: int = 0, box_layout_rule: Optional[pyhanko.pdf_utils.layout.SimpleBoxLayoutRule] = None, vertical_text: bool = False)

Bases: pyhanko.pdf_utils.text.TextStyle

Extension of TextStyle for use in text boxes.

border_width: int = 0

Border width, if applicable.

box_layout_rule: pyhanko.pdf_utils.layout.SimpleBoxLayoutRule = None

Layout rule to nest the text within its containing box.


This only affects the position of the text object, not the alignment of the text within.

vertical_text: bool = False

Switch layout code to vertical mode instead of horizontal mode.

class pyhanko.pdf_utils.text.TextBox(style: pyhanko.pdf_utils.text.TextBoxStyle, writer, resources: Optional[pyhanko.pdf_utils.content.PdfResources] = None, box: Optional[pyhanko.pdf_utils.layout.BoxConstraints] = None, font_name='F1')

Bases: pyhanko.pdf_utils.content.PdfContent

Implementation of a text box that implements the PdfContent interface.


Text boxes currently don’t offer automatic word wrapping.

property content_lines

Text content of the text box, broken up into lines.

property content

The actual text content of the text box. This is a modifiable property.

In textboxes that don’t have a fixed size, setting this property can cause the text box to be resized.

property leading

The effective leading value, i.e. the leading attribute of the associated TextBoxStyle, or font_size if not specified.


Compile the content to graphics operators.