Library (SDK) user’s guide

This guide offers a high-level overview of pyHanko as a Python library. For the API reference docs generated from the source, see the API reference.

The pyHanko library roughly consists of the following components.

  • The pyhanko.pdf_utils package, which is essentially a (gutted and heavily modified) fork of PyPDF2, with various additions to support the kind of low-level operations that pyHanko needs to support its various signing and validation workflows.

  • The pyhanko.sign package, which implements the general signature API supplied by pyHanko.

  • The pyhanko.stamp module, which implements the signature appearance rendering & stamping functionality.

  • The pyhanko.keys module with utilities to handle key and certificate loading.

  • Support subpackages to handle CLI and configuration: pyhanko.config and pyhanko.cli. These mostly consist of very thin wrappers around library functionality, and shouldn’t really be considered public API, except for the parts used in the plugin system.